Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Speck-tacular Night with the boys

     I didn't expect to do much fishing after the shad run, since the countdown to wedding day was getting short, but when a TKAA Board of Directors meeting was scheduled for last Thursday night, and I got the "OK" to stay down and fish afterwards, I was pumped! With reports of a fantastic Speckled Trout bite, Alex, Billy, and myself hit the water with high expectations. It was forecasted to be cold and windy, so we figured we would get out for a couple hours and head home. Then plan was to troll a variety of hard baits and soft plastics until we located the fish- that didn't take long. I dropped my lines out and hooked up in the first 5 minutes. The wind wanted to spin me around and the fish tangled in my other line I had out, but I was able to land the fish in a mess of lures and lines.

My first Speckled Trout of 2013 @ 23"
With lines, lures, and the fish all wrapped up together, I quickly paddled froward to catch up with Alex and Billy because I needed pliers. Much to my suprise, I catch up with them to find out their first pass was as good as mine. Billy had picked up a 22" Speck and Alex had found his first redfish of the year.

 Qtip with a healthy 28" Spottail!

     The action stay hot for the next couple hours picking up fish on almost every pass with Specks, and a random Bluefish here and there, but most measuring in over 20". We had the fish buttoned down and could almost predict the strikes. I had a rod bend over as I passed the strike zone, just as I expected it to. I could feel it was another good sized Trout and decided to try to bring my other line in so I wouldn't tangle in it again. As I'm fighting the fish with my left hand, I begin cranking in my other line, still sitting in the rod holder, when BAM- it doubles over and I'm doubled up!! I repositioned that rod, loosened the drag just a touch, and went back to the first fish. After a brief fight, I swing the first Trout into the built in baitwell of my Malibu Stealth 14, and turn my attention to the other rod that is still bent over and giving line. I couldn't believe the fish was still hooked up and this one felt better than the first. My heart dropped into my stomach and my heart rate skyrocketted when the Speck finally surfaced... I got him in the boat and let out a shout as I knew I had my first Citation of the year.

 26" Release Citation Speckled Trout   

The first one wasn't bad either...
     The bite died off a little later, and we ended the night cold and wet but we had another awesome night of fishing under our belts. In total we caught roughly 20 Speckled Trout from 18-26", a few Redfish up to 28", and a few Bluefish around 20". If there was a downside to the nights expedition, it was only that we didn't get home until 3:30am and work was a bitch the next day. 

This would be my last fishing trip as a bachelor and it was one for the books. Next time you hear from me, I will have Tied the Knot and landed the best catch of my life. Kamaron has been so supportive of my fishing addiction, and my involvement with the kayak fishing community. I couldn't ask for anything more in a life partner and best friend. Thank you for the last 11 years. I cant wait to see what the future holds for us. I love you.

Stay tuned for a report from an offshore trip and Mothership Trip from our honeymoon in Hawaii!!! Tight Lines...