Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kam's 1st to the 1st

My wife has been wanting to fish the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel with me for a year now, but it had proven difficult to get her schedule to align itself with the weather and currents. With the water warming and the first reports of Sheepshead being caught, we took advantage of Kam having a free Saturday and headed to Chicks Beach.

 After digging some mole crabs, we paddled out to a dead calm Chesapeake Bay. We worked our way out towards the 1st Island, dropping on random pilings along the way. The sheepshead were proving difficult to locate, so we switched gears and started looking for Spadefish. I couldn't seem to get a bite, but Alex and Billy were catching a couple here and there. Kam finally had one take her hook and after a brief fight with a jackhammer, she landed her first Spade.

We made our way out to the 1st Island to catch up with Rob Choi and Joe Underwood. Joe had hooked and landed a 43" Black Drum while Sheepshead fishing along the rocks.

Photo Credit: Rob Choi

He had switched gears and now was having some luck jigging Flounder, and Rob was chasing Big Ugly(black drum) along the rocks of the island, but they were being picky about what they wanted to eat. I spotted a couple myself, but the outcome was no different than Rob's was. Alex managed a small Sheepshead and Rob stuck a tag in it for him before releasing it.

My luck was not changing and I couldn't seem to find a bite from anything other than Black Sea Bass and Croaker. We worked our way back towards shore, fishing pilings here and there, but the fish weren't biting. We ended the day with few catches, but good times were had by all, and Kam had one more notch in her belt. One thing is for sure, when the fishing gets slow and there's a bunch of us just floating around, the trash talking and heckling will be plentiful. Good company is what makes any day on the water a good day.