Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Proud Older Brother

My brother Jeremy was never into fishing when we were kids. He grew bored very quickly and didn't have the patience. A few years ago he started talking about how he wanted a recreational kayak, but never had the money to spend. After I bought my Malibu last year, his desire to paddle re-emerged. When he decided to move to Charleston, SC with a couple buddies, he also decided he wanted to buy a fishing kayak and learn how to fish. Unfortunately, I didn't have alot of time to hit the water with him, as he moved 10 days after buying his Tarpon 140, but the guys he was moving in with would be able to teach him the basics.

Jerm finally made it out on the water yesterday and caught his first fish from the yak, his first redfish, and his first flounder!I was stoked for him when he text messaged me the pics and called him right away. Him and Chris decide to fish the Wando River for a couple hours before work after some helpful info from TKAA member Eric Miles. They were working popping corks with live shrimp underneath and slayed 'em! Jerm caught 6 reds up to about 18" and a healthy keeper flounder. I am super proud of him and can't wait to wet a line with him.

                                                                               Jerms First Red Drum Ever!!
                                                                                 Jerms First Flounder Ever!!
                                                                           Jerms Personal Best Redfish!!



  1. Hey man glad I could help out. He's going to love fishing in Charleston, I know I do.

  2. Well done Seth - you should also tell him to give the guys at KayakfishSC a call - Tommy and the crew do an awesome job down in that area.

  3. Excellent! I've been trying to get my little brother out too. Soon enough. Great post Seth.